Welcome To Kingfisher Carp Lake (Syndicate)

We are a carp fishery, specialising in the rental of carp fishing swims. Centrally based in Gunthorpe, near Nottingham, we are ideally located for fishing and carp enthusiasts throughout Nottinghamshire, the East Midlands and the rest of the UK. Our Carp range from 20lbs to over 40lbs in weight, which we believe to be the biggest, most beautiful carp in the whole country! Kingfisher carp Lake boasts the largest mirror carp ever caught in still water throughout Nottingham, as featured in the Nottingham Post Newspaper. As an area of natural beauty, our carp fishing lake in Nottingham is an ideal getaway amongst tranquil surroundings, offering 18 pegs / swims for our visitors to enjoy, all of which are immaculately kept, proving the perfect place from which to fish from


Lake Information

The lake is 15 acres in size, and is very well stocked with carp from 20lbs to over 40lbs; plus additional carp of less than 20lbs, with at least two 40lb carp in the lake, as well as the biggest mirror carp (weighing in at 41lbs), ever caught in still water in Nottingham, as featured in the Nottingham Post Newspaper. The lake is peaceful and attracts birdlife of all types, from herons, kingfishers, kestrels, owls and even rarer species. On entering the fishery grounds you will be met by our Water Bailiff, who will give you a key for access to the swims. All the swims/pegs are comfortable, clean and tidy; and you can park your car at the back of your swim/peg, in beautiful scenery. The local amenities include three public houses, Chinese & Indian Takeaways with delivery services to the lake as well as nearby shops. Kingfisher Lake Contains The Following Original English Carp:

▪ 2 x 40lb
▪ 5 or 6 close to 40lb
▪ 25 x 30lb
▪ 50 x over 25lb

In just 2 months, 16 different 30lb carp were caught out of 20 landed. Last summer, 23 x 30lb carp were caught of which 19 were different fish, with the remaining 4 being repeat catches. Although a great many carp have been caught in our lake, because this lake is a newly opened carp fishery, none of the carp have, as yet, been named, however any fish you do catch, over 30lbs, let our Water Bailiff know, take a photograph and name your fish and we will record it. Sacking is permitted as long as it is only for photographic purposes. Cover the carp’s face and eyes with a wet sack/cloth; it always has a calming effect. In addition, if the carp is thrashing about inside a keep-net then it’s going to damage itself and other fish in the keep-net.

Features Of Kingfisher carp Lake: ▪ Private Carp Fishing Lake ▪ Unusual & Interesting Shape ▪ In Pristine Condition ▪ Area of Natural Beauty ▪ One Of The Best Looking Lakes In The Country ▪ No Traffic Noise, Very Private, Secluded & Tranquil ▪ Gravel Bars ▪ Great Numbers Of Carp ▪ All Fish In Immaculate Condition ▪ Bait Boats Permitted ▪ 500 Yards From Main Road ▪ Shops & Pubs Nearby ▪ 18 Pegs/Swims ▪ Water Bailiff Protected This is a unique opportunity to fish for very large carp in immaculate & pristine condition, with good scale patterns.

Another reason for taking your camera along is we would like to showcase your catch in our online gallery, so, don’t forget to take your camera! For More Information about Carp Fishing in Nottingham, Call: 07885-260-504